To create a platform that simplifies the commercial mortgage process -- so much that it changes the industry forever.

Why Raisal Started

The genesis of Raisal was based on the desire to make the commercial lending process more efficient, transparent, and solution oriented. It originated from my frustration as a bank attorney in South Florida and having a front row seat to a very archaic industry -- one that was begging for improvement.

"It's 2014. There has to be a better way." I'd find myself saying every night when I got home.

Then, one night I stopped talking about it. I sat down at my kitchen table, picked up my pen and pad and started planning what would become our Raisal platform. To date, we have closed dozens of commercial mortgage loans and have over 300 banks and institutional lenders in our network. A better way definitely does exist and it's getting better each and every day.

Joshua E. Young, Esq.

Chief Executive Officer/Founder

Our Team


Our Advisors

Jim Adamczyk

Jeff Ardizon

Carmen Perez-Carlton

Jack Cooney

Michael Fay

Sherrill Hudson

Michael Lee

Heather Schwarz

Neil Solomon

Board Of Directors

Albert DeCardenas

Danny Hernandez

Ramiro Ortiz

Fernando Rosario

Joshua E. Young